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Caroline Grace is a teenage singer-songwriter from Cincinnati, Ohio. Perceptive beyond her years, she is here to be heard.

Caroline’s love for music started when she was six years old, with piano lessons. At age nine, she began studying voice for fun, with no expectations, and still exudes a natural openness and curiosity about the world. 


Caroline says she can’t see herself doing something that isn’t artistic. She loves art class, though she never really follows the directions — instead of coloring in the lines, she usually creates her own. She has also been involved with theater for several years, including playing the lead role in Annie and Ariel in The Little Mermaid.    


Caroline’s passion for music, and her innocent desire for a better world, has caught the attention of people across the country. Her sweet voice, insightful lyrics and catchy tunes belie her commitment to social justice. She’s part of a new generation of musicians who want to use their voices to spread messages of hope and possibility. 

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